(8/27) Sacred Serpentz (Sacred List) *Free Mint*

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

52 Total

Cost: 40 $SPIT

Please note: This whitelist will not stack with the Sacred Serpentz (WL) that is also available in our marketplace. Please do not purchase both, as you will not be refunded.


Your wallet will be directly added to their contract.

You will NOT receive a role in their server :)!


The Serpentz are emerging from the shadowz to take back what's theirs - the free world. In unity there is strength, so join us, or become our foe.

There will be 8888 Serpentz materializing on the blockchain; who knows what unique features your Serpent will behold...



Supply: 8,888

Mint Date: TBD

Sacred List Mint Price: Free

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