Alya (WL)

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72 Total Spots

Animated Cost: 150 $SPIT

Static Cost: 125 $SPIT

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ALYA is an art-based social experiment that will be launched with a collection of unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The vision is to build a decentralized Web3 brand ruled by its own NFT holders who will have access to the Valley: a hub for visionaries, investors and gamers. Members of the Valley will enlist themselves in role-specific clans, creating a distinct, purposeful, and organized community.

Holders will receive returns in perpetuity from profits generated by trading strategies and investments made by the DAO.

One of the founders, Leo, merged his passions for astronomy, art and Web3 with the inception of ALYA. As an analyst for asset management companies, Leo has polished financial planning skills and economic forecasting strategy. Recently he has teamed up with Grimgrizzly, a talented artist from Indonesia, an illustrator and a graphic designer with both 2D and 3D modeling skills. The core team is also NMDS and Luke who are supporting the conception of this community-driven and utilitarian digital asset collection.

Education is one of the core values and we designed the Valley to be an accessible space for everyone to learn more about Web3, share knowledge and tools, and discover the infinite potential in the metaverse. It is the intention at ALYA to support the growth of new talented innovators in the Web3 space and facilitate collaborations to espouse future endeavors.

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Mint Date: TBA

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