Birdez Kingdom

Please read below for all instructions + a brief overview of the project.



Your wallet will be added to their contract, but you are encouraged to join their Discord (linked below).


After launching a successful genesis collection 3 months ago, Birdez Gang is launching their own Metaverse called Birdez Kingdom. This is the first and actually the only hand-drawn metaverse where people can build, learn, play and earn - while they holding a piece of true Italian art.

It’s a fun island made up of 6333 different and unique plots of land NFTs hand drawn by the italian pop and contemporary artist Jenny, teleported to the Birdez Metaverse built with Unity.

There will be 3800 small plots, 1900 medium plot and only 633 Large plots, randomly assigned during mint and each one of them will be unique with unique art attached.

Each land owner is be able to extract resources from the ground, build his own home, invite friends, host parties and play different games by moving around the island like Golf, Car Racing, and much more. Land owners will also be able to stake their lands to earn $hodlez token that will be the utility token in the metaverse.



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