BubblyStory (WL)

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

20 Total Spots

Animated Cost: 100 $SPIT

Static Cost: 75 $SPIT

# Available at 1pm EST (Animated)# Available at 1am EST (Animated)# Available at 1pm EST (Static)# Available at 1am EST (Static)






Your wallet will be added to their contract. However, if you'd like to get beta access to their app, you MUST join their server --> HERE


Bubbly is a genesis collection of 3,333 (on ETH blockchain) ‘Fun from Arts, Function From App’ — once the rocket ship gears up to a full-stream, it launches into the universe. Bubbly will blow your mind with its magically powers. Inspired by childhood memories, with a narrative of cultivating conscience and encouragement for those to step-out of their comfort zones, whilst feeling protected and supported. Each character is entirely unique, generated from hundreds of traits, which is also a holder key pass to experiencing a comfort space for friendship, surprises of the Bubbly story and add-on bubble utilities.

✅ NFT Tools exclusively for holders only (AI powered NFT Butler, discord, wallet submission, wallet verification, mint ping, daily update) (available before mint)

✅ Project Twitter data analytics (available before mint)

✅ WL market (1-2 weeks after mint)

✅ Wallet tracking (1-2 weeks after mint)

✅ Mint alert (top mint, top volume) (1-2 weeks after mint)

✅ ALPHA ping, ranking, and analytics.

App is available on Web, iOS, Android

Supply: 3,333

Mint Date: TBA (Mid-July)

WL Mint Price: 0.08 (subject to change)


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