Grimmies (WL)

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

111 Total Spots

Animated Cost: 25 $SPIT

Static Cost: 20 $SPIT

# Available at 1pm EST (Animated)# Available at 1am EST (Animated)# Available at 1pm EST (Static)# Available at 1am EST (Static)






  1. After purchasing a WL spot, be sure to join the Discord --> HERE

  2. Open a ticket in their server to claim your role - they will not be able to confirm until we send the list over, so please be patient - winners will be sent over by Wednesday, June 29th

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to follow the directions above to claim your WL spot. We are unable to refund holders who do not join the server + redeem their WL in time.


Grimmies is an Alpha pass to Webacy

Webacy lets you create on-chain digital wills & prenups. Additionally, they have an emergency backup wallet feature in case your primary wallet ever becomes compromised, this lets you instantly transfer all assets to a fresh MM wallet. Collection size is 10K, however the first 1,000 are a free whitelisted mint. Mint date is TBD, dependent on how quick the WL fills up. Once the WL fills up we will give a specific date.

Supply: 10k (first 1k are a free whitelisted mint)

Mint Date: TBA

WL Mint Price: Free!


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