KaijuKingz (Baby) Raffle

Please read below for all instructions + a brief overview of the project.



  1. Wait 24-48 hours after the winners are announced (2 winners)

  2. The raffle will be done 24 hours from when the KaijuKingz item opens up - NFTLlama will record it and post the proof in #mp-updates on the discord.

  3. The winner will get sent their Kaiju to their "reward" address via their profile (top right person icon to modify)

  4. Spit is not refunded for the raffles until the "automatic" system is implemented. Once the automatic raffle system is implemented - we will have a refund system. Once entered - you lose the $spit win or loss.


3,333 Genesis Kaiju Kingz created by Augminted Labs to protect the metaverse. The community is all about growth and providing a place for the future of web3 to learn, build, and conquer. Join the Kingz and live forever as a legend. 6666 babies to accompany them.

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/kaiju-kingz

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