Llamascape WL Raffle

Please read below for all instructions + a brief overview of the project.



  1. After winning you will be documented and will be allowed to mint as we are keeping documents on the past MP items (Llamascape WL is stackable).

  2. The raffle will be done 24 hours from when the Raffle item finishes up - NFTLlama will record it and post the proof in #mp-updates on the discord.

  3. The winner will be documented - their "WL Reward" address will be the one that is used. Once exported (within the 24 hours) that's the one we will use. We will release these documents pre-finalization of Llamascape WL so if alterations need to happen they can be done.

  4. Spit is not refunded for the raffles until the "automatic" system is implemented. Once the automatic raffle system is implemented - we will have a refund system. Once entered - you lose the $spit win or loss.


Llamascape WL spots ARE STACKABLE as long as they are purchased on the Marketplace with the same wallet. This is NOT A FREE MINT - it is simply whitelist access.

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