Perfidious WL

Please read below for all instructions + a brief overview of the project.


PRICE: 200 $SPIT (40 total)

20 Available at 1pm EST / 20 Available at 1am EST


Your wallet will be added to their contract.

Their Discord is closed, but we will share an invite with winners once we have all names.


Perfidious is a FREE MINT launch project with a generative, fully animated genesis supply of 999 pfp.

The artwork is themed around a comic horror style, featuring at first glance what we perceive as normal human beings. If you look for long enough however, you will see a glimpse of what their true nature might be. The project is about celebrating art and bringing the fun back to PFPs in the NFT space. The artwork is done to a very high detail by the talented artist Immsku.

There is no roadmap with website on the way. More information will be available soon through AMAs as well as Twitter / Website. Perfidious is focused on delivering quality artwork and building the community first and are firm believers in under promising and over delivering.

20% of the royalties will be donated to various causes that the artist is passionate on, including mental health issues and environmental causes as well.

Supply: 999

Mint Price: FREE!

WL Mint Date: TBD


Website (coming soon)

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