Project Whitelist - Premium Access


  1. Give us 72 hours for you to get your Discord Role

  2. If you sell your Llamaverse, you would lose that discord role in their server as well + all other access - we will check/update the list every 7 days with the other entity.

Project Whitelist is an Alpha Group/NFT Community dedicated to providing users with the best information, services, & utilities possible while granting whitelist opportunities for their group. Project Whitelist started off as a group of friends that helped each other get whitelists; now they have established themselves as a reputable group with a strong & friendly community that is here to stay. They have a lot of plans to further develop, such as more utilities and an NFT!

What will you get access to?

  • Project Whitelist Access to Alpha

  • Project Whitelist Access to All Discord Channels

  • WL Opportunities/Raffles

  • 100% Guranteed Whitelist Spot on anything the group gets above 70+ spots (meaning if the group gets 120 spots; you will be whitelisted automatically. Your job is to stay on top of these opportunities within that group).

We will use the discord id you submitted during the purchase.

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