Yuck Pass - Basic Access


  1. Give us 72 hours for you to get your Discord Role

  2. If you sell your Llamaverse, you would lose that discord role in their server as well + all other access - we will check/update the list every 7 days with the other entity.

Yuck Pass is a revolutionary NFT Pass project aiming to change the space through genuine community networking, ambitious upcoming collections, and top tier NFT alpha from multiple sources. There are different types of Yuck Passes but we'd get 25 specific roles for Llamas that serve the benefits described below.

What will you get access to?

  • Project Whitelist Access to Alpha

  • Project Whitelist Access to All Discord Channels

  • WL Opportunities/Raffles

We will use the discord id you submitted during the purchase.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/YuckPassNFT

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