(1/11) Static LlamaEssence

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

202 Total (8 set aside for blind bidders - 2 did not send bid by deadline/ 1 set aside for event winner) | Cost: 150 $SPIT

# Available at 1pm EST (Static)# Available at 1am EST (Static)




A winner list will be posted in the #essence/raffle-winners channel on Friday, January 13th by 5pm EST, which will outline the prizes each person won


FOR WHITELISTS: All of the WL available in this Essence drop will be featured on the marketplace in the upcoming weeks. For now, simply remain patient & rest assured that we have your info. All claiming directions will eventually be shared in this Gitbook.

FOR NFTs + ETH + LLAMA Rewards: If you win one of the NFTs, it will be airdropped to the wallet listed in your marketplace profile within 72 hours after the winner list is shared. This means by the end of the day on Monday (EST). Please do not demand our staff to send essence rewards over, as this is disrespectful. The process takes quite a bit of a time as we document every single transaction.

FOR $METANOL WINNERS: Their team will airdrop the token to your wallet.


Essentially, a LlamaEssence is a sort of loot-box that will guarantee you a prize, which can range from NFTs, WLs, Tool Accesses, SPIT, etc. Contrary to normal raffles, you never come out as a "loser" with LlamaEssence, since you are always guaranteed a prize.

(No purchase is necessary to enter or win as you can reserve via Llama Rewards which is a free currency you can earn.)

The prizes available this week can be seen below.



  • Arcana Continuum (20)

  • Animeme Labs Wave 2 - Labcoat = FCFS WL (10)

  • Animeme Labs Wave 2 - VIP = Guaranteed Mint (10)

  • Buster Ranger (20)

  • Galaxy of Color (5)

  • Xterio (8)

  • Cozy Express (15)

  • Dream Girls - Dreamlist (Guaranteed mint) (9)

Other (ETH, GOV, etc.)

  • $25 in ETH (20)

  • 1,000 LLAMA Rewards (20)

  • 200 $METANOL for Stradall (see details at the bottom of this page) (7)


  • Chubbiverse Frens (1)

  • Nyolings (4)

  • Producer C by iQIYI (2)

  • Little Lemon Friends (3)

  • BeanBag Frens (3)

  • This Is Nouns (2)

  • Punkillaz (3)


  • Kitaro World Portals (3)

  • Lumens by Vibes + Logic (3)

  • Wool Pouch (10)

  • omnis.wtf (10)

  • Dreamy (10)

  • Unpunks (10)

What is "200 $METANOL for Stradall?"

Uses for $METANOL:

  • In-game utility

  • Can use it to purchase the Stradall NFTs

  • Can sell (there will be an LP)

More Information About Stradall:

Stradall is a card-based game in which players buy, sell, trade, collect and manage digital cards of prestigious cars ๐ŸŽ๏ธ . Managers build their garage and compose their team to participate in virtual races. The outcome is driven by the technical characteristics embedded in each card ๐Ÿƒ

Stradall managers unlock the opportunity to customize their cars, build their own team in collaboration with other players and compete in the most realistic racing competitions. The ecosystem is based on the $METANOL token๐Ÿช™

It also offers the first racing play-to-earn game with real-life like experiences and designs. They sit at the crossroads of P2E gaming, Automotive universes and Web3 real life experiences.

Stradall plans to launch a first batch of 150 different car models, more than 50,000 numbered NFTs in total.



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