(1/24) Meka Beast: The Heroes Collection (Blind Bid)

Total Winners:

5 TOP bidders

Start Date & Time:

January 24th, 2:00pm EST / 7pm UTC

End Date & Time:

January 25th, 2:00pm EST / 7pm UTC

Bids Due:

January 26th, 2:00pm EST / 7pm UTC

Dyno Link:

Special Request: The Meka Beast team has requested that those who mint do not sell/transfer their NFT for 1 month.



The top 5 bidders will get a WL spot for the Meka Beast: The Heroes Collection. You simply fill out the Dyno form with your $SPIT bid. Bids cannot be changed. If you are one of the top bidders by the end time, you will be added to a private channel and will be required to send your stated $SPIT amount within 24 hours. If you are not one of the top bidders, you will not be charged any $SPIT.

Winners/top bids will not be shared publicly.


  • 1 big per holder. Your bid cannot be changed after submission.

  • You MUST send your stated bid (if one of the top bidders) by the deadline.

  • If you don't send your bid, you will be exempt from the next blind bid. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent exemption.


Winners will be added to a private channel in Discord.

Upon sending your bid, you will be added to the winners' list.


Supply: 300 // 25 Legendary & 275 Heroes

Mint Price: TBD

Mint Date: TBD



Meka Beast is a curated collection of 6 different species of Meka Beasts living in a distant galaxy - Planet Hiken. The project's main premise is to build an immersive global grand and ecosystem with a strong emphasis on self-development.

The Heroes Collection is Meka Beast's inaugural induction into web3 and the flagship collection within the ecosystem. The exclusive membership acts as your supercharged access into the world of Meka Beast.

  • 25 Legendary Heroes

  • 275 Heroes

  • 8x Hero WL Allocation per Legendary Hero

  • 2x Meka Beast Origins Air Drop per Hero

  • Auto WL for qualified collaborations

  • Private Access to the Lair in the Meka Beast server

  • Priority Access and WL to all future Meka Beast mints, exclusive amour/weapon airdrops, IRL events and limited edition collaborations

  • Supercharged ORB energy

  • Access to Inner Beast Program

  • Access to FABL3 Studios Animation Services

  • Access to Final Form Evolution and much more...

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