(11/12) Kitsuden (WL)

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

70 Total

Cost: 30 $SPIT

Disclaimer: We have a checklist to ensure this project is suitable for the marketplace, and they pass this checklist. However, please be careful, as Crypto/NFTs are extremely volatile and MAY lead to unexpected events. Even with our extensive checklist, it is still a possibility that bad actors can sneak by, so please make sure to do your own research. We are not responsible for anything once you receive a spot via this marketplace, and you will not have your $SPIT refunded (unless it is an immediate rug/drainer, or you're not able to mint on WL due to an error on their side excluding over-allocation).

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Your wallet will be directly added to their contract.

You will NOT receive a role in their server :)!


What is Kitsuden

Kitsuden is a multi-chapter NFT project that takes its community on a magical adventure through fantastical story-telling and world-building. Starting from our first release, holders of our NFT will take part in an ever-evolving narrative and are key to unraveling the mysterious hidden village and its forgotten history. Take part as Curious explorers, Brave adventurers, and Astute architects, and help Kitsuden regain its former glory!

The Lore

It is said there lies a hidden village located in the eastern part of the world. Deep within the forest of spirits where no man dares to enter. Elusive beings are seen to inhabit the mysterious village. Living their daily lives unbeknownst to the world. The only thing that's known about this village, is that locating it requires a very special device. This device is known to be called a “FOXFONE” discovered by a group of explorers that once braved to venture to the most eastern part of the forest of spirits. It is a shame though, they never came back and the only thing the search rescue part found was this piece of ancient tech. Little did we know that this piece of tech just let out a signal. It’s showing something of a map and the words “Loading, Finding shortest path...” As it beckons to you..are you brave enough to follow it?

The Project

Kitsuden is an NFT project that has multiple layers (Chapters) tied to its journey. For the first chapter, We are releasing 6,666 NFTs with 3 tiers of rarity. These NFTs will be grouped into the genesis Kitsuden NFT collection with the added utility of unlocking the rest of the Kitsuden Ecosystem and Metaverse.

Chapter 1: The Foxfone Mint

KITSUDEN FOXFONEs is the first collection to be released as part of the wider Kitsuden Ecosystem. It will act as a Mint Pass which gives the holder access to future Kitsuden releases.



Supply: 6,666

Mint Date: TBD

WL Mint Price: .03 ETH

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