(12/3) Kogi (WL)

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70 Total | 10 $SPIT

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Supply: 1,212

Mint Price: TBD

Mint Date: 12/12


Project Deck

Kogi is a character, envisioned to be a globalized IP and platform for children and youths, alongside their guardians, to play, learn, and explore Web3 and blockchain technology. Our goal is to build and execute inclusive and fun educational programs with real impact, by empowering children and youths to become builders of tomorrow. Backed by web2 company, Kompas Gramedia Group (KG) as the biggest media conglomerate in Indonesia of nearly 60 years in enlightening people through knowledge-based ventures by it's E-Learning Platform, Kognisi.id. KG itself has a couple of notable education platforms and universities in Indonesia such as Multimedia Nusantara University, Dyandra Academy, Multimedia Polytechnic, Gramedia Academy, and Kompas Institute

On the roadmap, we will build:

  1. Educative Game App - With learn to earn targeted towards children from the age of 7 about Kogi's journey and adventure learning about Web3 and finding his passion as a builder.


  • Learning quests

  • Simulated or real projects as bounties

  • Badges of skills (PoAP), as part of earnings

  • Learning Hubs - An immersive learning experience and a curriculum that equips youths with skills to build in Web3. The curriculum will be an expert-led program, comprising boot camps, workshops, and meets, that are field specific.

  • Personalized learning

  • Agile curriculum for community's needs

  • A social initiative to increase accessibility

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