(8/22) Eternal Vikings (WL Raffle)

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

20 Total

Animated: 150 Entries / 12 Winners

Static: 200 Entries / 8 Winners

Cost: 10 $SPIT - If you do not win the raffle, you will automatically be refunded 2 $SPIT.

Disclaimer: This is a free mint, which means it is a high risk/high reward "degen" play. Please DYOR & consider switching your wallet in your MP to a burner wallet. We will not refund for any degen WL purchases - so please purchase only if you understand & accept the risks.

# of Entries Available at 9pm EST (Animated)# of Entries Available at 11am EST (Animated)# of Entries Available at 9pm EST (Static)# of Entries Available at 11am EST (Static)






  1. The raffle will close on Tuesday, 8/23 at 3pm EST.

  2. Winners will be announced shortly after in the raffle winners channel.

  3. If you win a WL spot, you MUST join their Discord --> HERE

  4. We will send the list of winners over on 8/23. You must then open a ticket "and go through a very very easy automated quiz of 5 questions just to make sure you knows the necessary minimum about our project."

  5. Keep an eye on their announcements for information regarding wallet submission.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to follow the directions above to claim your WL spot. We are unable to refund holders who do not join the server + redeem their WL in time.


First-ever #Sacrifice2Mint minting format.

~20% of the project is for WL who get zero-eth-mint, the other ~80% will have to sacrifice one of their precious NFTs

Eternal Vikings is a genesis collection of 5,000 Vikings created by the studios that took part in creating DOTA2, Harry-Potter, Avengers and X-men. Eternal Vikings' goal is to educate the community about virtual real estate, use the project funds to raid as many lands as possible and monetize them via 6 smart contracts that allow land rental and advertising. Each Viking will gain their holder $GOLD tokens with which they could get full access to the project's lands, regardless of plot price action or market trends.


Sacrifice Checker (Live)

Public Sacrifice Ceremony Premint

Supply: 5k

Mint Date: TBD

Mint Price: Free for WL winners, otherwise Sacrifice2Mint

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