(9/27) Hidden Kitten City (WL)

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

70 Total

Cost: 60 $SPIT

Disclaimer: We have a checklist to ensure this project is suitable for the marketplace, and they pass this checklist. However, please be careful, as Crypto/NFTs are extremely volatile and MAY lead to unexpected events. Even with our extensive checklist, it is still a possibility that bad actors can sneak by, so please make sure to do your own research. We are not responsible for anything once you receive a spot via this marketplace, and you will not have your $SPIT refunded (unless it is an immediate rug/drainer, or you're not able to mint on WL due to an error on their side excluding over-allocation).

Please Note: If you have a WL from owning 3 Cock-a-Doodles, this WL WILL stack!


  1. After you purchase a WL spot, you MUST join their Discord --> HERE

  2. You will receive a role once they have a list of our winners. Please be patient - winners will be sent over by 9/30 :)!

  3. Keep an eye on their announcements for information regarding wallet submission.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to follow the directions above to claim your WL spot. We are unable to refund holders who do not join the server + redeem their WL in time.



  • Hidden Kitten City is a creative world by Bitiocracy and David Silverman, Director of "The Simpsons" for 35 years.

  • Bitiocracy - experienced group of founders with deep connections to the NFT community (BAYC, Doodles, and more), special effects (Pixar, Sony), and production (Netflix, Apple, Goldenvoice).

  • Incredible art from an animation master, and special effects pioneer pushes the boundaries of NFT generative sets.

  • David is a legend working in the field, still receiving Emmy nominations in 2021 for "The Force Awakens From It's Nap," and in 2022 for "When Billie Met Lisa." His extensive credits include directing "The Simpsons" movie, co-director on "Monsters, Inc.", directing the most episodes of "The Simpsons" from any director, is one of the original 2 animator / directors from the beginning of "The Simpsons" on the Tracy Ullman Show, and still works on the show today.

A first look at utility:

  • Bitiocracy and David are working together to create the Hidden Kitten City world, more details will be announced soon.

  • Holders will gain access to Original IP rights from a respected artist with a rich history in film and animation.

  • More exciting utility will be announced over the coming weeks.


Supply: TBD

Mint Date: TBD

WL Mint Price: TBD

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