Degen Disease (WL)

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

50 Total

Animated Cost: 25 $SPIT

Static Cost: 20 $SPIT

Disclaimer: This is a free mint, which means it is a high risk/high reward "degen" play. Please DYOR & consider switching your wallet in your MP to a burner wallet. We will not refund for any degen WL purchases - so please purchase only if you understand & accept the risks.

# Available at 1pm EST (Animated)# Available at 1am EST (Animated)# Available at 1pm EST (Static)# Available at 1am EST (Static)






Your wallet will be directly added to their contract.

You will NOT receive a role in their server :)!


Crypto bullrun has run its course and degens alike are purchasing derivatives and rug pulls. It seems the source of this sickness has finally revealed itself. The Degen Diseases are 3,456 NFTs running rampant in the metaverse, infecting the masses and crashing markets left and right.

Children are asking, why are their parents crying? What is "life savings?" and "college tuition?"

Seems those things no longer exist and what makes their parents sad, also make the children sad too.

Follow us for more updates on the Degen Diseases and maybe we will find a solution together.


Supply: 3,456

Mint Date: TBA

WL Mint Price: Freeeee

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