N3ighbors WL

Please read below for all instructions + a brief overview of the project.


PRICE: 30 $SPIT (220 total)

110 Available at 1pm EST / 110 Available at 1am EST


Your wallet will be added to their contract.

Their Discord is closed, but we will share an invite with winners once we have all names.


N3ighbors by Benzilla powered by ART3 Studios.

Our new studio is focused on incorporating artists from different movements, styles, and cultures into our collections. To take them from the conventional exposures (Museums, street art, exhibitions) to the NFTs' world.

We want to break down boundaries between tangible and virtual art.

We are motivated to create an NFTs' educated community that understands the true value of a project. We want to incorporate the same value that exists in physical art communities into the NFT community

N3ighbors goes around LOOOK, the main character of this collection, which was created by Benzilla, one of the most important urban artists in Asia. LOOOK has collaborated with worldwide brands such as ADIDAS and several more. NFTs utilities (still in progress) :

  • A series of exclusive collectibles of Benzilla

  • Privileges to get WL spots in future drops with other artists.

  • Airdrops created by relevant artists

  • Events that combine NFT's world with physical art like paintings and sculptures.


Website (coming soon)

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