Neon Pantheon

Please read below for all instructions + a brief overview of the project.


PRICE: 5 $SPIT (140 remaining)


Your wallet will be added to their contract, but you are encouraged to join their Discord (linked below).


Neon Pantheon is an experiential Augmented Reality NFT project where 8,000 deities are waiting to be ascended by you. To better understand our project, we recommend you to read our Whitepaper (5-minute read).

Our vision is to build an inclusive Web3 community that celebrates humanity with IRL AR experiences. Our core team have founded several startups together with 1 million+ users and are fully doxxed. Team info in our whitepaper.

-A first-of-its-kind Interactive Minting Experience you will be able to customize your Ascended Deity using a Rarity Points system.

-We're building an AR experience where holders can place their Deity shrines in the real world locations and people can explore and discover these AR monuments in the real world.

-You’ll be able to customize your Deity's Shrines, which will be part of the AR monument you get to place in the real world.




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