(NEW!) (11/29) Kongu (Blind Bid)

Total Winners:

4 TOP bidders

Start Date & Time:

November 29th, 1:00pm EST / 6:30pm UTC

End Date & Time:

November 30th, 1:30pm EST / 6:30pm UTC

Bids Due:

December 1st, 1:30pm EST / 6:30pm UTC

Dyno Link:



The top 4 bidders will get a guaranteed WL spot for Kongu.  You simply fill out the Dyno form with your $SPIT bid. Bids cannot be changed. If you are one of the top 4 bidders by the end time, you will be added to a private channel and will be required to send your stated $SPIT amount within 24 hours. If you are not one of the top bidders, you will not be charged any $SPIT.

Winners/top bids will not be shared publicly.


  • 1 big per holder. Bid cannot be changed after submission.

  • You MUST send your stated bid (if one of the top bidders) by the deadline.

  • If you don't send your bid, you will be exempt from the next blind bid. Repeated offenses will result in permanent exemption.


Winners will be added to private channels in Discord.

Upon sending your bid, you will be added to the winners' list.

  1. You will be given a private server invite to join their Discord.

  2. You will receive a role (please be patient - we will send a full list of winners by December 1st).

  3. You will submit your wallet in their server.


Supply: 350

Mint Price: TBD

Mint Date: TBD


Kongu is a self-sustaining ecosystem centered around quality art, forming a genuine community, and ensuring that “WE ALL EAT." Kongu is an animated collection pertaining to a supply of 350 individualized & pixelated NFTs. We are building a symbol that represents access to an elite community that contains opportunity, value, and consistent benefit during profitable times in Web3.


Kongu is building a community for people to grow with one another. We want community members to create bonds, friendships, networking opportunities, job opportunities, and be a resource for value and personal growth. Kongu will gather around the "Treehouse" to provide a place of comfort, education, tools, utility, friendships, and utmost respect between every member. The community consists of knowledgeable traders, top-tiered alpha callers, experienced and around-the-clock moderation staff, avid educators, and a founding team dedicated to the project.


Our vision is to ensure that our community always comes first! This includes being able to make transparent and clear decisions together as a team and as a community. We vocalize equality in both the community and the collection. In addition to building a community that is able to share and/or contribute value in every aspect necessary to succeed, our collection also contains a ranking system equal between every NFT token. As each Kongu is individually designed and created as "one of a kind," we have integrated this significance with a community of intellectual traders and like-minded individuals willing to break barriers and grow together as one.


Kongu will forever be an exclusive home to those invited or to those that are holding our NFT. This decision is eminent in the success of our journey and the long-term goal of what Kongu is building. Our vision is to build a foundation of fortune and value that we're able to equally share amongst every member involved. (edited)

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