SOLdiers (SOL WL)

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

85 Total

Animated Cost: 25 $SPIT

Static Cost: 20 $SPIT

# Available at 1pm EST (Animated)# Available at 1am EST (Animated)# Available at 1pm EST (Static)# Available at 1am EST (Static)






  1. After you purchase a WL spot, you MUST join their Discord --> HERE

  2. You will receive a role once they have a list of our winners. Please be patient - winners will be sent over by 8/10 at 8pm EST :)!

  3. Keep an eye on their announcements for information regarding wallet submission.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to follow the directions above to claim your WL spot. We are unable to refund holders who do not join the server + redeem their WL in time.


Reign of SOLdiers is a Strategic Tower Offense game where players bring their SOLdiers into the game, select them to fight, and destroy enemy defenses to earn $WAR. Unlock new units with unique abilities by obtaining SOLdiers NFTs with special traits. Test your skills in fun but challenging levels and use $WAR to acquire items to give your SOLdiers a higher chance to survive the fight! Will your army fight their way to the top or crumble under pressure?

Reign of SOLdiers is not just another staking on chain game. It’s a real game that’ll take skill the farther you go and has unique abilities in the game based on your team of SOLdiers.

It is already fully built out with the goal of onboarding people into the web3 gaming space. We want to onboard as many people as possible into the web3 gaming space and built a game to help do that. The art is made by the same artist who made Smol Brains which had a floor of $50,000. We want to bring SOLdiers to the masses and create a gaming community built around fun, competitiveness and winning!


The team is fully stacked with 12+ members that have a variety of skills in art, design, game dev, marketing, and smart contracts - and have a track record of quality projects. Furthermore, the founders are fully doxed, the team is supported by an end-to-end to game development company, and they have advisors with dozens of successful NFT projects in the past. Most importantly, the whole team have been gamers for decades are committed to create the best experience for their holders.


The SOLdiers collection consists of 7,777 unique and battle ready NFTs that:

  • 🕹️Can be used as playable characters in Reign of SOLdiers

  • 🪙Earn $WAR through daily interactions within the game

  • 📈Allows you to stake $WAR for additional benefits

  • 🎁Give access to giveaways and other special rewards

  • ⭐Have more surprises in the future



Supply: 7.777

Mint Date: TBA

WL Mint Price: 2.5 SOL

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