(STEALTH!) (9/19) OMGKirby (WL)

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98 Total

Cost: 30 $SPIT

Disclaimer: We have a checklist to ensure this project is suitable for the marketplace, and they pass this checklist. However, please be careful, as Crypto/NFTs are extremely volatile and MAY lead to unexpected events. Even with our extensive checklist, it is still a possibility that bad actors can sneak by, so please make sure to do your own research. We are not responsible for anything once you receive a spot via this marketplace, and you will not have your $SPIT refunded (unless it is an immediate rug/drainer, or you're not able to mint on WL due to an error on their side excluding over-allocation).

# Available for Stealth Drop 1 (Animated)# Available for Stealth Drop 2 (Animated)# Available for Stealth Drop 1 (Static)# Available for Stealth Drop 2 (Static)






Your wallet will be directly added to their contract.

You will NOT receive a role in their server :)!


The latest drop of omgkirby, the omgkirby x Channel Tres collection, consists of 5550 songs with art from acclaimed creative studio Werlen Meyer.

In each NFT, Channel has been delicately animated and accompanies a unique song with vocals and production by Channel Tres.

Ownership of the NFT comes with complete publishing and masters rights for the associated song. This includes uploading it to DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.), using it for your own content (podcast intro, YouTube content, etc.), or by any other means of exploiting the track.

In a huge partnership with Opensea, omgkirby x Channel Tres will be the first NFT to mint through Opensea’s new minting platform.

Check it out here!

Notables Pass

Heard of the VC meta?

This NFT will make up one of the compulsory NFTs needed to secure a coveted Notables Pass - an access token to secure future priority minting to all future Notables drops.

Candle Media is a Blackstone-backed media company co-founded by former Disney executives Kevin A. Mayer and Thomas O. Staggs that has acquired multiple well-known and successful companies and brands. Together, Notables and Candle Media will onboard the next wave of web 2 businesses into web 3.

  • Global brands

  • Household names in the music industry

  • Innovative and boundary-pushing NFT experiences

About the Artists


  • Top 5 LoFi artist with over 1.5M unique monthly listeners

  • Decentralized artist, part of omgkirbyDAO, where all future collaborations and the path forward for the artist is decided by the holders.

  • Featured in Billboard 2 different times in the past 3 months

Channel Tres

Channel Tres has long been an experimental and collaborative artist. Throughout his career as a producer and musician he has explored and remixed electronic hip hop, partnering with artists such as Disclosure, Robyn, and Tyler the Creator.


Notables Twitter

Channel Tres Twitter

Supply: 5,500

Mint Date: 9/22

WL Mint Price: 0.065 ETH

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