World Overlay (Small Parcel) WL

Please read below for all instructions + a brief overview of the project.


PRICE: 60 $SPIT (65 total)

32 Available at 1pm EST / 33 Available at 1am EST


  1. Join their Discord

  2. You will receive a role we send over a list of ALL winners - please be patient!

  3. You will submit your wallet there at a later date.

Please note: Join the server ASAP. You will have the chance to earn a higher tier WL (i.e. medium, large, or prime land parcel) by engaging with their community!


World Overlay is a metaverse substrate platform powered by blockchain and industry-leading game development technologies, that is free to create and free to play. Through World Overlay, users are able to create a wide range of content and experience gamified interactive virtual worlds. Besides being an avenue for social networking, play, and creative expression, virtual content creators are also able to users are also able to own and monetize their creations through metaverse enabled NFTs.

On top of of this, World Overlay is creating a self-published world titled Aetheron. It is our proof of concept - the first and foremost of the virtual worlds on World Overlay, and is a fantastical world with rich lore, immersive storylines, and market leading graphic fidelity.


  1. Build Personalized Homesteads

  2. Access to exclusive mints & City Council membership

  3. Gamified Reward Mechanisms (Aether Shards)

  4. Receive constant minimum emission by passive holding

  5. Receive over-riding portion of rewards mined by (free-to-play) players tagged to your land

  6. Participate in mining, questing, and competitive events

Supply: 5,375



Pre-reg (chance for free bannner mint)

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