Aqua Tools Access

SOLD OUT + WINNERS SENT (you should receive role soon!)

  1. Join Aqua Tools Discord ->

  2. Give us 72 hours for you to get your Discord Role

  3. If you sell your Llamaverse, you would lose that discord role in their server as well + all other access - we will check/update the list every 7 days with Aqua Tools

AquaTools NFTs represent a token that operates as an access pass. It provides access to a premier toolbox for analyzing and acquiring the most coveted NFT collections.

What will you get access to?

  • Unlimited lifetime access to AquaTools.

  • Exclusive access to the AquaHQ alpha discord.

  • Early Beta access to all new features, tools, and ventures.

  • WL access to other NFT projects.

  • Insights, market analysis, and exclusive alpha.

  • 24/7 customer support.

We will use the discord id you submitted during the purchase.

Twitter -

Please wait for furter instructions.

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