(3/29) Walt's Vault Blind Bid

Total Winners:

7 TOP bidders

Start Date & Time:

March 29th @ 3PM EST / 7PM UTC

End Date & Time:

March 30th @ 6PM EST / 10PM UTC

Bids Due:

March 31st @ 6PM EST / 10PM UTC

Dyno Link:

  • Additional WL spots will NOT be available in our marketplace.

  • Their project is mysterious so not much information is out re: WL phases, if WL is guaranteed etc. Please bid only if you understand and are okay with this.



The top 7 bidders will get WL for Walt's Vault. You simply fill out the Dyno form with your $SPIT bid. Bids cannot be changed. If you are one of the top bidders by the end time, you will be added to a private channel and will be required to deposit your stated $SPIT amount within 24 hours to the dashboard. If you are not one of the top bidders, you will not be charged any $SPIT.

Winners/top bids will not be shared publicly.


  • 1 bid per holder. Your bid cannot be changed after submission.

  • You MUST deposit your stated bid to the dashboard (if one of the top bidders) by the deadline.

  • If you don't deposit your bid, you will be exempt from the next blind bid. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent exemption.


Winners' wallets will be DTC.


Supply: TBD

Mint Price: TBD

Mint Date: TBD



"I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse."

Walt’s Vault is a magical, hand-crafted collection that brings a new character and a nostalgic art form to life on the blockchain. Harkening back to the 1930s, the magic and storytelling of that time will be reflected in every way our community experiences the ownership of their characters. This collection pushes what is possible in the space and NFT’s as a whole.

The art is an end, not a means. A team of world-class animators, artists, and storytellers are bringing this collection to life but it’s the holders that will push it into the future with complete creative freedom at their disposal.

We believe art and a little magic can still go a long way in this space.

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