(7/8) Galaxis (GTD WL) (DTC)

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

5 Total (4 Instabuy & 1 Raffle Winners)

Instabuy Starting Cost: 200 $SPIT | Raffle Cost: 20 $SPIT

Disclaimer: We have a checklist to ensure this project is suitable for the marketplace, and they pass this checklist. However, please be careful, as Crypto/NFTs are extremely volatile and MAY lead to unexpected events. Even with our extensive checklist, it is still a possibility that bad actors can sneak by, so please make sure to do your own research. We are not responsible for anything once you receive a spot via this marketplace, and you will not have your $SPIT refunded (unless it is an immediate rug/drainer, or you're not able to mint on WL due to an error on their side excluding over-allocation).



Your wallet will be DTC (direct to contract).

PLEASE NOTE: Since winners are DTC, you will NOT receive a role in their server.


Supply: 300

Mint Price: Free

Mint Date: TBD (late July)




Galaxis is a platform that provides a decentralized approach to creating, managing, and owning community platforms, along with the content generated by creators and their community members, offering a modular infrastructure for content creators, influencers, and participants seeking enhanced control over their data, freedom of speech, and the opportunity to monetize their social media following and engagement.

💰Investors & Strategic Partners:

  • Chainlink Labs

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

  • Emurgo Ventures

  • Polygon

  • DVerse


🌍World Class Advisors:

  • CEO Chainlink - Sergey Nazarov

  • Founder and lead developer of the (ENS) - Nick Johnson

Galaxis Gen0 Cards:

  • Mint Supply: 400

  • Mint Price: FREE

  • Mint Date: Late July

Utility Includes:

  • Priority access & allocation to future NFT releases on the platform

  • Platform perks & benefits such as free services, discounts, membership access passes

  • Access to community round: An exclusive investment round reserved solely for the Gen0 Card holders

  • Avatar Choices and Card Customization: Gen0 Card holders will be able to personalize the visual aspects of their cards by choosing from a selection of limited edition avatars and artworks, as well as customizing the colors and background logo

  • Staking Rewards: Gen0 Cards can be staked to qualify for larger amounts of Community Grants.

  • Governance Rights: Gen0 Card holders will be able to participate in voting on various matters, such as determining the priority of feature developments.

Platform Highlights:

  • 🏀NBA’s “The Association” NFTs used Galaxis’s Dynamic NFT Technology to create 30,000 highly dynamic player cards that evolved based on the players’ daily performance. The Cards are using Galaxis’s Utility Trait tech for their redeemables.

  • 🚀The platform is live, served 50+ projects, SOLD 180k+ NFTs, made 32,000 ETH on secondary markets, and can deploy a new project in under 2 hours.

Our Team:

Led by CEO Andras Krisof, a serial entrepreneur in the blockchain industry since 2013 and the former CTO at viki.com, which had a successful $200 million exit.

Our team is stacked with 25+ full-time team members, with a combined 50+ years of blockchain experience.

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