(1/5) Lost Realms: Act 1 WL (Oath Role) (Blind Bid)

"Oath" role spots will not be available in our marketplace.



The top 5 bidders will get the Oath Role for Lost Realms, which will qualify you for 2 free mints - 1 for Act 1 & 1 for Act 2. You simply fill out the Dyno form with your $SPIT bid. Bids cannot be changed. If you are one of the top bidders by the end time, you will be added to a private channel and will be required to send your stated $SPIT amount within 24 hours. If you are not one of the top bidders, you will not be charged any $SPIT.

Winners/top bids will not be shared publicly.


  • 1 big per holder. Your bid cannot be changed after submission.

  • You MUST send your stated bid (if one of the top bidders) by the deadline.

  • If you don't send your bid, you will be exempt from the next blind bid. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent exemption.


Winners will be added to a private channel in Discord.

Upon sending your bid, you will be added to the winners' list.


Supply: 6,742

Mint Price: TBD (Oath role gets 1x free mint for Act 1 & 1x free mint for Act 2 / Council role gets 1x free mint for Act 1 & 3x free mint for Act 2)

Mint Date: TBD (Jan for Act 1)



Tribe's Twitter

Tribe is a Web3 studio that has been operating in stealth since August 2021. With a full stack team of 25+, Tribe has been developing their first title, Lost Realms, a turn-based MMORPG game with live world map.

There's a few elements to their approach that might be different from some other gaming projects you've come across in the space: Game loops ready at mint, highly experienced hybrid web2/web3 team with cryptonatives, and player driven economies designed by experienced game economy designers (team has had a hand in $3b+ rev mobile gaming economies incl. Game of War and CSR Racing which were #1 on iOS/Android for extended periods).

By putting holders first, Tribe aims to reestablish a deeper and more aligned relationship with Web3 players.

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