(12/31) Petaverse (WL)

Please read the information below, which includes: total amount available in the marketplace, $SPIT cost, claiming directions, & an overview of project/reward.

20 Total | 80 $SPIT

Disclaimer: We have a checklist to ensure this project is suitable for the marketplace, and they pass this checklist. However, please be careful, as Crypto/NFTs are extremely volatile and MAY lead to unexpected events. Even with our extensive checklist, it is still a possibility that bad actors can sneak by, so please make sure to do your own research. We are not responsible for anything once you receive a spot via this marketplace, and you will not have your $SPIT refunded (unless it is an immediate rug/drainer, or you're not able to mint on WL due to an error on their side excluding over-allocation).

# Available for 1am EST (Animated)# Available for 1pm EST (Animated)# Available for 1am EST (Static)# Available for 1pm EST (Static)






On January 12th, a staff member (Stina, Dirtbag, or nxo) will DM you a one-use link which you will use to register your wallet. For those of you with DMs closed, who don't have any of us as friends, please be on the lookout for a friend request.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are accepting a friend request from a staff member, make sure they are not an impersonator. Here are the Discord IDs of each one:

Stina: StinaaJoy#4595

Dirtbag: 0xD1rt3aG#6261

nxo: enixooo#0001


Supply: TBD

Mint Price: TBD

Mint Date: TBD






Welcome to the Petaverse Network - we are building natively immortal digital artifacts to live with you wherever you live your digital life. Founded by Susan Cummings (co-founder of 2K Games and Lee Cummings (ex-Rockstar Games/GTA producer), our 25+ person team is backed by some of the best web3 investors in the business. Read about that here and here.

The fundamental goal of the Petaverse Network is to define how we think about digital pets. Petaverse wants pets that you adopt now to be just as much a part of your life 30 years in the future. For our digital pets to remain relevant and usable, they need to be able to evolve in real-time at the pace of technology.

Designed as an open standard for web3, we will be launching our genesis collection (of cats) on Ethereum but will be allowing you to use your pet across a wide variety of blockchains and in a fully reintrepretable art style. At mint, we will launch the meme-o-tron (mobile/webGL/AR) app. With additional use cases rolling out post mint (VR, social, mobile, webGL).

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