Code Hyperium - Basic Access


  1. Join CodeHyperium Discord ->

  2. Give us 72 hours for you to get your Discord Role

  3. If you sell your Llamaverse, you would lose that discord role in their server as well + all other access - we will check/update the list every 7 days with the other entity.


Code Hyperium Genesis supply contains 555 Citizens of Neo Kyoto.

They are aiming to put an end to grinding and look to accomodate for people leading busy lives through a reduction of clutter, high quality information, real-time trading data and A-class collaborations.

Their zero grinding whitelist approach allowed us to build from the ground up, forming a tight knit community who are active in providing opportunities for members and as we excel on our journey through Web3, they look to consistently provide an abundance of value to our holders.

What will you get access to?

  • CodeHyperium Access to Alpha

  • CodeHyperium Access to All Discord Channels

  • 1x WL Entry Per Opportunity

We will use the discord id you submitted during the purchase.

Twitter -

Please wait for further instructions.

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